Emotional intelligence is unique ability that human beings have inherited and can be altered with specific therapies. Emotional intelligence has no fixed pattern of definition but in expressive way it can defined as humans ability to identity their emotions as they are, and then dissecting each emotions separately and then allowing them express with feeling and action in coordinated way. In routine life we come across various situations, some are positive and some are negative and many are neutral.

Commonly we mix up these situations and emotions related to them and react out of the amalgamation of all this emotions.

( Important Assessment of Five Big Factor Analysis:Emotional Intelligence)

This leads to faulty responses to every situation we deal. Emotional intelligence though has interlinked with our temperament and personality and thus is partly inherited. As we pass through are adolescent stage, challenges of life exposes our emotional intelligence to outer word. We feel sad, excite, hatred, love, and empathy, jealous, anger and express all emotions through our emotional intelligence.

We can assume emotional intelligence as sensor or filter to fire healthy emotions.

In love and break ups mystery, emotional intelligence plays intense role to handle the situation and enable us to deal with this painful situation in more logical way.

In crisis, we fail to recognize emotions separately and act out of impulse and instead of response, reaction occurs and we get trapped into whirlpool of unhealthy emotions, and keep going downward.

Identity every emotions and responding to each emotion separately and effectively can be learned with psychological help.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

There are five big factors in our personality, which impact our personality and emotional intelligence.

  • Extroversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Openness to experience

Evaluating degree of these factors in human beings and modifying the necessary can make significant difference in our emotional intelligence.

( Important Assessment of Five Big Factor Analysis: – Emotional Intelligence)

There can be disastrous situation we may come across and may feel stuck. We all experience this kind of situation in our day-to-day life. One may feel that he or she has caged inside his or her own body. There seems no way to free us from those mental situations. We keep brooding in cage and keep going down in the whirlpool of emotions. We may cry or shout but nothing gives relief. But if we have concept of emotional intelligence known to us before hand, we can handle such situations in far better way. Mind my words, catastrophic or disastrous terms or situations are relative and we can avoid such situations by being more emotionally intelligent.

In continuation with emotional intelligence, we all in our day to day hefty schedule, miss or mix up different emotions and like two mixture of colors give us entirely new color, similarly two or more mixed emotions produce faulty emotions and it becomes difficult to identify with them. This results in chronic frustration and stress, which with time leads to birth of various anxiety and mood disorders

To summaries, we need to learn to identify each emotion distinctly and to its original intensity. This can done with various techniques, like catharsis, emotional freedom therapy, hypnosis and with breathing exercises.

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