Medication is usually famous for providing prompt relief to illnesses. These unique qualities of medicines, especially the allopathic one, have masked the long-term consequences of medicines. Though it not completely true that all medications causes of side effects and moreover there is specifically mentioned charts that displays all the possible side effects whether short term or long term

  • Medications are attention seekers as they are life saving in various extents. Role of medication extend from initial prompt positive effect to long time remission in symptoms and progress of disease. Medications success in this century saved millions of lives and reduced burden of sickness into many folds. Person suffering from acute migraine headache might get prompt relief and this improves his or her overall health.
  • Similarly, acute heart attack when managed medically saves person from death to life.
  • There is complicated debate even going between medication and meditation. There are strong lobbies of each category that are either in favor or in disfavor in their own way. There is no proper organized dissection of individual disease categories that can demarcate each category.
  • Meditation, very broad term and vaguely defined and vaguely practiced in thousands of different way.
  • We will keep working upon are new techniques to get new insights about meditation.
  • Meditation has ancient history in illness management much before the invention of modern day medicines.
My focus of writing this blog is to discuss to relate medication and meditation in Mental Health specifically
  • Mental health illness is categorized as Psychiatry or Psychological DISORDERS, not DISEASES.
  • Disorders signify that things are out of order either in mild or moderate way but not entirely new is emerged inside our mind or brain. This is exactly opposite to concept of diseases in our rest of body parts.
  • This difference of disorder or disease had brought role of both medication and meditation into management of mental health disorders.
  • Similarly as in diseases, medication provides robust response to acute or severe mental illness as compared to medication, but sometime meditation becomes important and possible (parallel or sometimes alone) pat of healing mechanism.
  • In simple case of Depression may vary from mild moderate or severe disorder along with other certain specifier, and management is different is each case in medication treatment. Here, meditation may play important role to attenuate the improvement and help to find out long term relief.

In Anxiety disorders, medication again has well defined role especially in acute condition and to great extent in overall improvement. Here too, meditation has talisman role to play for fasten recovery and long-lasting remission

In cases of Psychosis, schizophrenia, medication remains the first line of choice and meditation plays important role like in psych educating the patient and family. Moreover, meditation has huge role in briefing and debriefing the progress of illness

  • In Addiction disorders, medication should always remain integral part in inclusion with diagnostic aid, meditation plays paramount role to insure long term success and better concept of mental health.
  • In traumatic events or grief, apart of medication role, meditation outplays its benefits to heal the illness, careful observation and sequencing the event and finding the right meditation has outplayed medication.
  • In child mental health, both medication and meditation have an immense role to play. There are more disorders in child mental health where meditation becomes the integral part or sole part of management.
  • Teenager’s stress, addiction, emotional disorders, is entirely different scenario that is handle with both modalities keeping main focus of meditation.
  • Meditation has got a magical advantage that its help can be extended from patient to family and friends for better understanding and better care of patients.
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