Right or wrong?

Can anyone answer this question

Is infidelity right or wrong?

(A) Right

(B) Wrong

The response would be “B” by most of us.

If the answer is so clear, then what is the need to talk about it.

Have we talked about mother and son infidel relation?

Alternatively, real brother and sister infidel relation

The answer is clearly NO almost.

Still, questions and curiosity remain alive about infidelity.

Can we define infidelity?

Let us try a failed attempt again but surely with thought-provoking consequences.

Infidelity is state of feelings and emotions that you feel when your loved one, your partner makes inappropriate relationships with others.  During the process of development of emotions of infidelity, first, there should be love between two. Does love leads to the generation of infidelity? Can love generate negative emotions?

We do not know. Do we know, I am sure we do not know “love”?

If love is there, there is nothing that is defined as infidelity, or if love is not there, which is usually the situation, emotions of infidelity emerge by-product.

Still confused?


Lets us see another view of infidelity.

Infidelity exists only when we hide from our loved one or partner. If can share openly before going for infidelity, infidelity ceases to die there and then

Some school of thoughts says that women feel this emotion because of financial and emotional security. In addition, men do out of their dominant part of society. Time is changing, women to feel right to cheat on, as they feel that are the equal part of society. However, do two wrongs can make anything right? Of course, NO.

Still, the question has not been answered which all of you are waiting from to hear from me.


  • It is very simple and clear.
  • Do not hide
  • Express before commitment

In addition, do not feel bad if reverse occurs.

This is general lecture full of crap, but you still are thinking.

Each individual is unique and no one can fit into one fixed right and wrong.

No lecture would work for long until our collective unconsciousness, our archetypes, and universal beliefs will not change.

Science, spirituality, society, economics, inter and intrahuman relations all are in continuous process to understand and shaping older UB, and we might have new UB, CU, and we might not even discuss infidelity.

The universe is set at a perfect pace and hence, universal beliefs.

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