Yoga, the ancient way of meditation and healthy trio of mind body and soul, has been recently in last few years recognized vastly in both east and west. The concept of yoga originated for the balance of mind, body and soul synchronicity.  Growing era of competition, achievement, and desires is making everyone disharmonious with mental health. People are facing constant stress, backaches, headaches, and gastric disturbances, sleep problems and motivational issues with their life. We all are finding all the different ways to cop up with this messy world of economics and status.

Depression is the second most common disease worldwide and going to be rank first in near future. Poor eating habits, misuse of technology, craving for better life, and to fulfill all this, we are getting drained into Alcohol and drug abuse.

This vicious cycle is continuous in spite of all the efforts by them.

I being the psychiatrist, seeing and observing the world and the burden of mental ill health and it has been surprising to see youth going into the abyss of the darkness. Mental health is vast topic to understand but to put it in the shortest frame, “Manas, Vachak, Karma” means when our mind thinks, and we speak and act in a synchronous way.

It seems that it is easy to maintain mental health, but in reality, we cannot act the way we say or can’t say what we think.

Yoga, which I found, one of the very effective, in fact, the magical way of helping to heal the mental ill health.

Yoga is not just posturing your body in difficult fashion. There is the lot more than this what we have a perception of yoga. All the anxiety related, or mood-related issues including low self-confidence, low self-esteem, panicking easily, anger and frustration can be effectively dealt with yoga psychotherapeutic model of healing.

Breathing, concentration, and balancing are three major tools to synchronize mind, body, and soul.

Here, we are trying to aware and enroll more and more people for the importance of yoga beyond its common perception.


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