Why I am saying to live dangerously, everything is going damn good, family, money, respect, settlements all are available to you and I say to you leave everything and let us go the Mount Everest. It sounds stupid and shallow if we understand it literally.

One man came to my clinic with all the perfect life one could imagine; he has a beautiful wife, kids, business, health, reputation and prestige in society. Nothing new or upsetting was happening to him in the last four-five years.

His first complain to me was that he is bored, explicitly I could remember, the exact word “ bore” he goes on telling his success story and all the achievements that he has in his credit. I asked, what is your concern to me, because you are just bored, or anything else. He got little to open up and dissected his boredom. He explained the misery of everything in life, now he wants to know else I should do to live excitingly.

The answer seems difficult.

But here, the answer is not that important; the important part is his “ question”. Boredom!

We all have learned since childhood the fixed, the safe, secure, predictive pattern of the life. And many lucky ones got all the fixed pattern of life because there is a specific set of opportunities and possibilities to get that life. The world has a blueprint to achieve this goal.

Live dangerously does not mean leave home, leave family, donate all money and become a beggar to seek danger of hunger.

Live dangerously has its root to make your psyche to seek danger and explore what else is the meaning of life or what meaningless left in life to experience.

Sportsman is the lucky one, as they seek danger every time and real danger lies in the physical body only and they have trained themselves in such a way that they have overcome the risk of physical danger.

We might think that car racing is a dangerous game as it may kill the driver. But in reality for the professional sportsman, the danger of physical body is not of much concern (they have figured out that danger in training), the real danger of sports is the unpredictability of results and every time there is competition with the self to know and seek more. All car engine all drivers all other necessary items are already set but every time winner is new and sometimes unpredictable. Why it happens to car racing or other sports. Here lies the psychic danger opportunity, and this psychic danger is what gives to limitless opportunities to seek more and more subtle way of spirituality.

It is endless game to put your psyche into danger and put your soul journey into continuous seeking.

You will not loose whatever you have achieved in the “ Maya” word or you will readjust, as definite blueprints are available for us to stand back again. You may loose your family but the world has arranged many possibilities to overcome it. You go bankrupt, there are chances to live at least moderate life as per social norms. You may lose respect, prestige, and status, there too there chances to get back that also. That’s why danger to the physical body is not mean to live dangerously.

Boredom means – seeking has ceased.

Have we ever tried to seek danger in going to sit in meditation for one hour, I guess, no, because there is danger whether I will get something out of it or not.

Have you ever tried to do Bungee jumping or skydiving or deep sea diving? We mostly don’t seek or just keep once a while dream and occasionally try.

We don’t do these activities because there is no physical or visible gain out of it and it’s passion dies.

Live dangerously is the only way to rid this boredom out of life. No of physically and visible stable people is increasing and hence boredom is increasing.

The key point to note is that, after reaching the certain stability of life, we keep d Finding danger (excitement) in same rituals which led to boredom, we expand our business, seek danger in it; we try to find more prestige to get excitement but in end come back to the hollow pot of boredom. Pot is already of boredom and you keep on emptying and refilling it and gradually you get a bigger pot to fill more boredom. Pot is filled let’s now live the unknown and psychic challenge associated with it.

All money, wife, kids, parents, prestige are an important foundation to start life and to experience it. But sadly we get an illusion that this all collection is life itself.

Life starts here; there is no chance to live; now every day is important as many years are already wasted in collecting physical security.

“Live to seek—- not to settle”

“Surrender yourself in seeking”

Seeking is the only real spiritual path to get, your bumpy road of life, the real taste of eternity. And the beauty is there is new taste every moment.

Shed your psychic fear, and seek limitless joy. Boredom cannot exist in seeking.

“Pinch yourself every morning as you get up, if you feel the pinch, you are blessed to live one more day in a new way.”

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