Mind you, mind are has been exploited to its maximum level, from the last many decades. And it has been beautifully explained, taking support of our ancient books ( religious scriptures )

Mind, as we all made understood since ages, is collection of thoughts, collection of our perception, collection of our emotions and so on. Very fundamental stick behinds this rationalization is to get rid of current karmic life and search to establish us in heaven or kingdom of God, Recently I was watching interview of one of famous spiritual seekers from south India, Saint was trying to explain the roots of agony, sufferings and all adversity in relation to mind. Very simple and fancy logic was that its only mind that feels the sufferings, its mind that guide us to misery, it is the mind through which life passes and spread into various sufferings and all the other ill emotions.

It seems like Mind is acting as prism and whenever thoughts arises, they multifaceted into seven different colors of sufferings. Remove the mind, life remain as pure as it was. Prism is the obstacle, hence the mind.

If we follow very basic of life, as we see and observe around us, all the creatures except human have survival mode of living and rest is taken care of by the creators and existence. We, the human, the most evolved creature has found that there are yet another aspects of life to be known. Human tendency to think and dream the invisible has led to the birth of modern world. We have been constantly researching upon existence of life on other planets and we are constantly dissecting every aspect of possibilities and opportunities of life.

From where this imagination, planning, for seeking is coming, what leads to first hypothesis and then practical success of that theory.

What is mind?

MIND does not exist in the brain only. Every cell of human body has contribution towards making up collective mind.

Let us say, today is a perfect day to celebrate, and to be joyful and lets ease out our mind. Then suddenly I hit my foot with sharp corner of your bed and blood starts oozing out and my whole plan of celebration dumped into sufferings. From where this sudden change in mind occurs, its one way to say that my brain picked up the signals and now its outmost duty is to balance body, mind and emotions.

Or we can take up in totally different way, your each cell of in your body is constantly contributing to functioning of mind and some machinery parts are injured and thus possible functioning of mind has lower down. Plan got canceled and I decided to sleep with ease in my bed, accepting the every happening as part of life and suddenly I get news that my shop is looted and I have to rush to do the necessary, I completely gets into different state of mind and whole body is in tune to handle the situation. Now even, my injured foot will also cooperate considering the priority.

Did you notice I mentioned the word “ accepting”; who is accepting? Don’t dig again into the cerebral mind. Here, we can understand mind in whole different way.

Who has cancelled the celebration (moment of joy), and who got up with me to do the necessary for my shoplifting incidence. Same man decided to leave joy but could not ignore shoplifting.

Joy has been surrendered over misery.

Brain played every possible trick to safe guard you, first to cancel party and then to push yourself from bed with injured foot to deal with the misery.

  • What is going on in your head is not your mind; head is controlling every possibility of danger to your mind or body.
  • That’s why brain is covered in hard skull and cushions with various layers, for proper functioning of your mind. Brain too contributes to mind as rest of the body organs. But brain has its unique functions too as every other organ has;

Finding mind only in cerebrum is the ugly myth and this myth has been cultivated since ages and has been cultivated with the support of religion.

It seems ridicule to say that my mind is in the leg or in the genitalia, and it’s almost impossible to accept this.

Mind is the integral part of your soul or your life itself. Mind is state of healthy functioning of each cell of the body. Everything is spinning, and it is so perfect that life continues forever. Life needs continuous supply of energy through food, through sex, through silence, through resting, and through actions. These fundamental sources are in perfect rhythm and are so organized that life goes on and on. To get rhythm in its balanced functioning, mind becomes the “ messenger to physical body, spiritual body, and through various ways, ‘we call them desires, need, greed, feelings, and emotions’.

* Potential to get your better version of your own mind with gifted fine neuronal help, to consult, (five senses) made life beautiful and at ease with space and emptiness.

This amazing “messenger” to Homo sapiens is what made this race more close to life than ever past to its endless adventure.

Mind is clear in his role to get flawless rhythm through fine cerebral tuning and tendency to catalyze and *shaping up* its outward expression.

Now after such lengthy and boring discussion, we are now somewhere near to see mind al together as “potential energy” which has enormous help of neuronal army to get maximum out of life.123

Boundaries or mind are not limited, mind in totality is the balance of inner life and outer life of body functioning.

Injury to physical bodies, instigate reaction in the internal functioning of body. Health of each cell of the body is maintained by commutative efforts of every other cell. The response of internal body after initial reaction depends upon healthy and flexible cell functioning of the same.

Brain and its specialized area to perform or assist in mind functioning work in conjugation to generate response to external injury.

Lets understand this in a more simple way,

You are going to market and someone starts abusing you and shouting upon you and starts doing your character assassination, and trying to hit you from back, then your specified senses come in to actions to generate certain kind of response to save the internal and external rhythm of the body. We have assumptions that brain take the lead and mind functioning occurs in small skull of the body and all depends upon how you react or respond.

Instead of this common nation, here I differ strongly that brain functioning is one part of overall response or in fact it’s the fine-tuning of neurons to assist in overall situation. Each cell of body comes into action and you see whole body functioning in whole different way and reaction occurs. Spinal reflex are ready to fire and body is ready to kick, brain is ready for fine-tuning of every body parts and initial reaction occurs.

Let us assume, that you are deaf and you did not hear the abusive and shouting voices. Then, what would be the scenario, would you walk or behave as you are heading or something will change in your body or brain to deal with the unknown.

It seems that nothing will happen, you did not hear anything and you moved ahead, only because of your defective ear, your whole master server became paralyzed and immediate threat was ignored by brain, no information to brain and no reaction and response has occurred.

This means only one faulty sensory aspect (deaf) ignored the whole survival process.

Where is this Mind then, if mind had existed in the brain it would have sensed the threat.

Usually situation does not happens as we discussed, we by unknown information, we manage to perceive danger and at right time we either bend, turn or run away from situation.

From where this mysterious information comes, and who saved us from immediate danger.

Some belief says it as sixth sense or some quote it as luck or some believe in karma concepts. As we discussed, mind is present in each cell of the body whether it is brain, spinal cord, or any other part of the body. Five senses too make contribution to formation of mind. Accordingly we don’t always need our five senses to defend us from danger or threat. We have mind to protect us.

Now the question that is shaking your brain is, that how can we say that we will be saved from the danger every time if condition of deafness is there?

You are right, many times we trapped in danger and our logic is as I could not hear or see the danger, and danger hit me.

It seems right too,

“Very confusing discussion without any juice in it, it seems that we all are wasting our time reading this since twenty minutes”.

I apologize and regard your feelings.

Lets come to point to conclude whole discussion. Lets get into the concept of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is psychological process of bringing one’s attention to very present moment or experience or situation. Mindfulness means when you are maximum active, alert and able to respond to present moment. It signifies that if we are mindful, are whole system is so sensitive to everything that we can recognize and handle the moment in best possible way without judging it. As judging requires web of thoughts, emotions and time, mindfulness is always non judgmental and focusing on present only. So being mindful in every act of our life, whole body should be in balance state, every cell functioning should be in rhythm, and hence we can be available maximum to universe.

Famous six-sense phenomenon is illusion to make us believe that some hidden sense apart of active five senses is present inside us. In actual sense this sixth sense is our “ Mind”.

Mind is our sixth sense, mind is our biggest strength, and mind makes us different from other species, which survive through five senses only. Inventions and discoveries are possible only in mindfulness state.

Condemning mind, has become ritual to perceive peace, ecstasy and meeting with God.

Mind is complete balance rhythm of human body.

Like, MOON and EARTH, as they are in unmistakable balance rhythm of spinning with perfection to sustain this planet, Mind is another energy which if in balance rhythm, state of joy, state of godliness, state of bliss can be by product. But as we have lots of tempered process that alters the rhythm time to time, our feelings, our emotions, our perception varies time to time.

The brain is occupied with a master sensor to identify these subtle changes, and actively involved in rebalancing the rhythm. Human Brain has fine neuronal network of 100 billion neurons, and is working 24/7 to maintain rhythm. 31pairs of a spinal nerve in conjugation with 12 cranial nerves supports whole functioning of body and play crucial part in the functioning of mind.


We all have heard about neurons either motor or sensory. But there are other very functional group inside our CNS, the “inter neurons”. Interneurons get messages through sensory neurons and then decide what to convey and how to convey the messages to motor neurons. They act as thinker, planner, and executive to unveil outer behavior. Theses neurons are spread all over CNS including brain and spinal cord.

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