It’s stress, stress and stress everywhere. In the home there is stress, in office we have stress, on holidays we have stress, and while resting we have stress.

It seems that we are chasing stress as it appears everywhere and we are eager to grab it.

Are we addicted to stress, or we feel comfort or safe or worthy with stress along with us?

Why we feel stressed, who told us that we could stress-free, who invented stress and who defined it abnormal? We usually don’t think or brood about it. Stress has become integral part of our routine, like food or prestige. We are getting so casual to use stress word like distributing candies on our birthdays.

When two people talk, everyone has own fundamentals of stress and sometimes we feel proud to say that I am to stress with work, as stress defines the success of work. Mind it, this is happening unconsciously with us.

When we overuse our physical body, we get fatigue, when we use are mind more than its capacity at particular frame of the situation, we feel stress.

Let’s understand Fatigue

If we use our body to physical activity, initially it performs well, as we keep doing it, our capacity to do same physical work decreases and with more passage of time we start feeling fatigue. Muscles get tired, respiration becomes forceful, and fatigue appears to begin. Imagine what we do to get rid of fatigue, we rest our body, feed our body, and engage in lighter moments. And, after some time lapse, we are fresh again. Logic is simple, rebuild your energy stores, give proper rest to the body and start again.

Mental fatigue or mental stress

What is mind, Collections of thoughts or feelings or emotions? Thoughts are condensation of mental energy on particular event or situation. More intense the thoughts, more energy are consumed. Why thoughts become intense, because there is conflict between thoughts and the action you would take after thinking. This conflict increases energy consumption to many folds, and mental fatigue comes into existence as devil.

Conflict with inner and outer

In physical fatigue, things are clear, energy depletes, performance decreases, and it is directly proportional to the physical work done. It may vary from person to person but in a particular person law of directly proportionality effect remain in action.

While in mental stress, this law gets multifold law.

Law of stress

Stress cannot be absent from worldly human-like fatigue, but understanding the core difference between both, can make to enjoy surfing with stress.

Surfing is best when we flow smoothly with crest and trough of waves and enjoy those ups and downs of surfing. Surfing is either not possible or of low pleasure in the river than in the see. Experts try to go deep and deep in to the see to get more and pleasure. In both crest and trough of waves, expert tries to focus on balance, instead of moving fast. Waves current decides the speed of surfing.

Here, two deciding factors for surfing are:

  • Balance
  • Current of waves

One is in your control and second is not in your control.

Let us balance our self
  • Share
  • Express
  • Learn
  • Live

Sharing your positive moments or events with your friends, partner, family, collequeques give you continuous boost to surf while in stress. Stress is becoming part of life, this myth has developed in recent decade as it symbolizes, how damn busy and important you are to the outer world. We have achieved certain tendency to create stress in leisure time too, as it started symbolizing the status symbol!

Get rid of this myth

  • Choose one hour of your day, doing nothing, nothing should attract or distract you in that one-hour, not even meditation.
  • Spread humor, gossiping, and crack jokes with your near and dear
  • Appear in social gatherings to share your life experiences openly and freely.
    Express your worries to yourself by talking too yourself or recording your worries.

Express how you see this life and what are your action plans to do better dealing with stress Express and recollect their views

Learn from day to day routine without judging, a way of surfing with stress, it seems oblivious around the world but helpful.

Live your life in a better way after completing above three points. Surfing is a pleasure, and more when the current in high. Only rule is balancing.

Nonjudgmental, and learning from each experience makes to you to balance in a more fine way.

Stress occurs when our own energy sources fall short of external and internal demands. Keep refilling your energy sources with sharing, learning, expressing, and keep moving attitude.

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