We all are passing through phases of low self-esteem, but that’s what I am doing to make you feel special on healing LSE in small steps.

And you will yourself witness, this self-esteem will improve and you will be fine with yourself own self.

  • Remember my little secret to living life:- take stress but don’t prolong it in your mind.
  • If we have low self-esteem we should just surrender to low self-esteem, just follow the body, not the mind.
  • We may be just bed lover in low self-esteem, our health might be effected, our social relations may get effected, we might have a poor shape of a body, we might have financial issues.
  • We might have to delay otherwise important work.
  • In totality, while passing through low self-esteem, we have to virtually absent from the universe. It is sadly beautiful phenomenon to give mind, body and soul rebalance. But in spite surrendering to of low self-esteem, we attach negative emotions of worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness and start fighting with LSE.
  • We have sad mood all the time because of this fight.
Let’s suppose
  • If we try to awake the deep slept gentleman, he rationally would react and might get violent.
  • This is what happens in low self-esteem, we want to get back to prior mood and brain kick us off to remind you that he is resting.
  • Low self-esteem is not good or bad it is how you behave in it. It is not important what we said but more important is how we behaved.
  • Low self-esteem is one way to get God gifted chance to realize where we went wrong in life. GitaKoranBibleOshoKrishnaShiva, all have repeatedly guided us to go to into inward journey and we will find happiness and bless.
  • Low self-esteem is the one mental tiredness and mind needs rest to get over from it.
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