Faith and commitment – Road to success, two sides of the same coin
Success has a various definition, and different perceptions about it.

To be successful is state of harmony of mind body and soul with existence with organized balance.

Isn’t it!!!

Let understand this by some fixed success and how faith and commitment independently and individually play their role.

Bob need a luxury car, but it does not come under the radar of his salary structure.

Now he has two options:

First one is “ faith”, the faith in him and existence that he will definitely get car. There is not even doubt in his mind that he wills the car. Suddenly, his friend visits his home, and after hot chit chat, friend explain bob that it is difficult to get car just by having faith in the existence. How existence will pay huge money to gift you car, how would you pay back the installments and so on. Bob felt depressed and become worried. He has now two opposite thoughts spinning in his mind. Whether my faith will do work or I will not get car.

Let’s leave this situation here only, for the moment!!!!

Second one is “commitment”, the unstoppable commitment to get car, working hard, doing extra hours, focused planning for budget of the car and its maintenance, moving into the challenge and then organizing his mind to get results.

What you think, which the best way to get success?

It seems “ commitment “ would work well.

Let’s go to “faith “ again. Does bob has faith that he will get car, clearly no!!! His faith has been shaken by few fancy words of confusion. Bob has no faith that he will get car, his deep desire to get car is actually his faith, not the faith itself. Desire has covered its face by pseudo faith upon existence.

Can bob have child like faith, when father jumps his kid in air and kid smiles and enjoy as he has complete faith that father will catch him at right moment and keep enjoying.

Children have no duality or confusion. If they want to cry, they cry, cry loud, and usually after complete crying, children may start smiling again as reason of crying is washed away with total complete crying meditation.

But bob cannot have strong, deep, unshakable faith that existence can do this wonder. And will surely miss the car.
Faith brings revolution to get up and become more to get more, pseudo trust brings laziness, and distracts us from goal.
If Commitment is complete and directed with the organized mind, it brings faith in you, which you were missing while following the faith principle.

Law of attraction is misinterpreted and misinformed.

We are loosing faith in everything. We don’t trust each other without documentation and signature, still if we following law of attraction, just pure asking from universe about anything and you will attract it and get. It seems stupid and shallow. The Law of attraction works when you have faith in your asking from the existence.

Even a single duality in your mind about your faith will break the law of attraction.

Real law of attraction is


Either in faith or commitment or both!

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