The Life is the constant movements, of time and space.  Energy is in constant motion, in a circular fashion. Earth is spinning, every atom is spinning, why everything is spinning, there is no destiny in spinning, everything reaches exactly at the same place from where it starts.

Similarly, mind is also spinning as most condensed still invisible source, reaches nowhere in a constant spin. Seeing from one directional view, there can be low and up sides of spin, from two-dimensional view, there might only tangent movements, but in three-dimensional view, every side is up and low at the same time.

Let’s heal us and adapt new “ Mental Life Style”

Earth is spinning every atom and molecules are spinning. Similarly, fortune is also spinning.

Wheel of fortune Therapy

Let’s eradicate anxiety, aggression, depression, and addiction

Wheel of fortune is constantly spinning and, I realized that we all are at the lower or the lowest side of the wheel now but the spinning of existence will keep taking you above and above now. Drown in your sadness, let the mind try its maximum mess, feel it and think about a wheel of fortune. See, actually, the mind thinks that he will win but now you know that wheel is going up and this mind is bound to get defeated. We have to trust this wheel of fortune, only then we can enslave mind, and otherwise, the mind will remain the master.

Like us, a mind is also in constant fear to loose its importance and identity that’s why he (Mind) bounces back more in adverse days of life.

Let me tell you the “magic trick” to deceive the mind.

First:  Think of wheel of fortune and try to bring faith in it. All the religions have belief in the fortune.

Second:  Trust that wheel is spinning all the times in circular fashion. In total spin we all experience almost same average of up, middle, tangent and down moments in a constant way.

Third:  Concept of happiness is very eternal and internal.

Fourth:  Wheel of fortune has no sense that when he moves down he is actually creating misery because nothing such concepts exist in this nature’s wheel.

Fifth:  Circle ⭕ in spinning motions has no low or high in three-dimensional view. Only viewer direction, predict high or low.

Sixth: No situation is good or bad, it how we behave in particular situation. Every time, the fresh situation comes and this time the old remedy may be outdated to sort the fresh new situation.

Seventh: Untill we Create some meanings in our life, life become meaningless. Means are necessary objects to live life but they are not life in themselves.

Eighth:  Time is moving, we have limited life energy, our responses to life should be gratitude and benevolent.

Ninth:  We are already highly condensed energies and there is constant tendency to de condense it, that’s why we keep moving towards grave to loosen up.

Tenth:  Rather creating more condenses thoughts and energies on particular situation, replace old rotten rationales with fresh ones.

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